Is Bovada a Reliable Betting Site? Bovada Review 2021

Online gambling has been a tricky space to navigate, especially with the abundance of online betting sites and casinos. Today, millions of websites offer sports betting, live betting, and gambling services to people from around the world. These websites are also operating as online casinos, offering a plethora of games and rewards. However, it is difficult to trust these websites. Some of these online betting services are unregulated, and they tend to usurp the money put in by players. When it comes to live-betting or online casinos, people need a reliable website or platform. While it is hard to tell which sites are reliable and which are not, this review aims to explore if you can trust the online betting service offered by Bovada.

In the review of Bovada, several aspects of the online casino and betting service provider are explored. This review aims to help online gamblers, particularly from the US, understand the regulatory status of Bovada. It also provides a comprehensive overview of how Bovada’s live betting is accessible to the US gamblers and legal for being played as an offshore website. Despite not being licensed or regulated by the US government, various factors determine the safety of betting with Bovada. These factors have been studied and assessed in this review of Bovada online gambling services.

The following review is a realistic and reasonable evaluation of the Bovada gambling website. The findings of this review will help the international community of online gamblers. By the end of this review, one can ascertain if Bovada is a legit and trustworthy site or not. From the types of games to promotions, every component of the gambling business has been analyzed in this review of Bovada.

What is Bovada? How it Works

To begin with, let’s explore the origins of the Bovada gambling business. The company was founded in 2000 and registered as an online sportsbook and casino in Costa Rica. Since 2011, it has been operating globally as a platform that provides betting on horse racing and several other sports leagues in the US. As an online casino, it allows players to place their bets on slots, roulette, and table games such as poker and blackjack. It offers a variety of other casino games, making it a complete gambling arena for online users. Bovada also conducts live online poker tournaments, allowing players to participate from around the world. It is primarily observed to be an online sportsbook betting service. As a live betting website, Bovada is popular as “Bovada LV,” which is short for Bovada live. The website runs a 24-hour online casino, where poker is the primary game users engage in. This platform is completely digital and does not have any physical offline establishment in the world. Due to its digital application, Bovada LV is also one of the few online betting services to accept cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment. According to multiple reviews, Bovada LV is also a Bitcoin casino.

The legal status of Bovada is controversial and has not been regulated under one umbrella. While the site hosts its services for the vast majority of US players, it is not a regulated company in that country. Even so, a person from the US can bet on international sports through Bovada without facing any legal ramifications from the US Department of Justice. Its online casino is packed with live dealer games that engage the players with an entertaining casino environment. The Bovada poker network and the Bovada Bitcoin casino are considered two of the most sought-after online gambling venues to play. Its live tournaments accept players from different parts of the world and offer substantial cash prizes on the winnings.

Why Gamble on Bovada

Every bettor can profit from the Bovada LV betting service. The company claims to deliver a high success rate to its users through effective betting algorithms. Some user reviews indicate that it matches 75% of the deposited funds as welcome bonuses. These bonuses are worth up to $750 and can be used after signing up for a new account through Bitcoin payments. It is popular for accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After making the first deposit, bettors can benefit from this welcome bonus by using the BTCSWB750 bonus code. This code applies to players from all parts of the world. It is an assured way of getting credited with $750 on Bovada. This bonus is not available for withdrawal but can be invested in betting as initial capital.

Why Gamble on Bovada

When a deposit is made in the Bovada account through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other supported cryptocurrencies, the player is qualified to use the betting services. Unlike other sportsbook sites, Bovada does not offer a 100% matched deposit bonus. It is not offering more than $750 in bonus. But, it is also not limiting the players to roll over this bonus money. A player can make five times this bonus and withdraw it altogether. Other sportsbook sites demand that players rollover the bonus from 10 to 50 times before making a withdrawal.

The simplicity of Bovada betting offers, coupled with its non-onerous rollover requirements, makes it an attractive Bitcoin casino and sports betting service. Even for players who are not adding funds through Bitcoin, the company offers a 50% matched deposit, and the welcome bonus comes to $250. To unlock the maximum bonus, players need to deposit at least $500 in their new Bovada account. In this scenario as well, the rollover requirement is only 5-times that of the bonus money. This sportsbook welcome bonus is perhaps a significant reason motivating players to bet or gamble on Bovada LV. Most players use Bitcoin to make their first deposit and receive a lucrative welcome bonus. The Bitcoin deposits also increase the speed and improve the ease of use for players. They keep the anonymity of these sports bettors and help them exchange their digital currencies into fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro. On the Bovada LV site, there is a helpful section that allows players to follow simple steps for completing the account registration process. It also helps them set up a Bitcoin wallet to make deposits. Players also get the opportunity to earn rewards from referral bonuses. The Bovada casino bonus is provided to users playing poker, online slots, roulette, and other casino games.

Is it Legal to Bet on Bovada?

In this review, the most important question is whether Bovada LV is legit or not. There are thousands of sportsbook betting services, online gambling sites, and Bitcoin casinos that are tainted in their reputation. Hence, it is important to know if Bovada is one of these dubious websites. If people are investing their digital wealth on Bovada through cryptocurrency, they must be aware of the website is processing their money safely or not. The first concern about this company is whether it commits to the betting rules and provides quality services for people signing up at its website. The answer to that is yes. As a sportsbook betting service and a casino, Bovada is legit and reliable. It can be a bit complicated for people new to the domain of online betting and gambling. But, the website is completely safe for transactions and earnings. It is a US-friendly gambling site and has a record of paying the players on their winnings. One must also note that it’s an offshore website. Hence, the Bovada casino or betting service is not subjected to follow the rules and regulations set by the American online gambling regulators.

So, is Bovada legit for betting in the US? The answer to this comes from mixed reviews by the user. Technically, it is not regulated by gambling authorities in the US. But, US-based players who have gambled on this site have not faced any legal ramifications. In their experience, they have survived using this website for years. It has passed the test of time and is not banned in the online gambling community. It is also considered as one of the largest United States betting sites. There are legions of players testifying to the authenticity and reliability of this site. Bovada is safe and legal, even if players use it regularly for betting on sports.

The website is often compared to its rival Bodog for offering similar bonuses and advantages. Like Bodog, there are several strengths and weaknesses to this gambling site. It has garnered its reputation as a trusted site by helping players make a living from betting and gambling. In 2021, it is an established and reputable sportsbook brand in the world. It showcases a long history of fair treatments to its customers. It also runs rock-solid security systems that provide great customer service and maintain its reputation for safe and timely payouts. It is most certainly a legitimate site for countries in Europe, Asia, and other regions of the world. Players are rest assured to enjoy high-quality wagering at the Bovada LV website. It is an A+ rated sportsbook that has been maintaining that rating since 2011. It has emerged as the most popular online sportsbook betting service in the US and other regions. It is legitimate in providing generous odds and running a slick software that offers great bonuses. The Bovada sportsbook holds a coveted A+ rating at Sports Betting Research (SBR) index. By far, it has made millions of customers happy, which is not possible if the business is not legit or if it doesn’t operate fairly and respectfully.

Bovada vs. Other Betting Sites

Bovada has been a top player in the online gambling industry. It has garnered its reputation from more than 15 years of business. Most betting sites are not able to sustain their business for so long. Sooner or later, they end up being restricted by market regulators and are compelled to close their doors abruptly. This leaves their customers with economic losses and financial instabilities. Bovada does not work like that. Compared to its rivals, such as the Bodog gambling site, Bovada has very few flaws that can cause an issue to the players. In most areas, the gambling site does a good job.

To begin with, Bovada ensures that the players get paid quickly. Its payment processing system does not charge hefty fees on the withdrawals. This drives the players to bet or gamble more on Bovada. According to some recent reports, it is suggested that huge payments arriving from Bovada have been deposited safely into the bank accounts within a couple of weeks. As a result, no scam rids the players off of their money. Compared to other betting sites, Bovada LV is faster, more helpful, and friendlier. It runs a live chat service that connects every player with the support staff to fix issues. In addition to that, it has expertise guiding the players in over 150 casino games. The site stands out from its competitors by offering a large variety of games. It is also partnered with 2 to 3 top-tier software companies to ensure the safety of their business data.

Compared to Bodog, Bovada has more action in its sports betting environment. It is a key player in the online entertainment industry, thanks to its engaging experience. The betting services on props, parlays, and straight bets are exciting. The website is also mobile-friendly and can be used on standard web browser mobile apps. Its sports betting and casino services have not faced any major complaints in the past decade. Online forums suggest that the website stays transparent in its message boards by reflecting all customer queries and complaints. The severe last complaint was found in 2013, which was nearly seven years ago. This complaint was resolved by fixing a bug on the website software.

In terms of UX and UI elements, Bovada is a clean, ad-free website. It has user-friendly navigation and is not heavy on pop-ups. The site works perfectly well on desktop as well as mobile devices. It has various options on its main menu, which helps players move from betting to casino games in one go. The live casino or live poker sections and the horse race betting sections are also properly placed on the website. Compared to other gambling sites, Bovada offers one-click access to the majority of its features. It showcases several game categories through sub-menus and makes them available in a professionally-designed manner. Overall, it is a well-functioning gambling website.

Live Betting Platform

After signing up, players notice that the site is popular for its live betting services. It runs an exceptionally slick and polished live betting section for its users. This section is far more attractive compared to its peers. The site has a great user interface for live betting. The betting categories and real-time update sections are easy to navigate. The site’s overall aesthetics is pleasurable, allowing users to browse instantly and place bets on the favorite sports in a matter of minutes. The betting markets are also laid out systematically, keeping in mind the intuitive fashion of bettors.

The live betting menu has a useful dashboard running across the site’s homepage. It allows players to select from the most popular sports, including basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. US-based NFL is one of the hottest live betting sports markets on the site. There are customized icons that showcase the betting features in the section. These icons also cover the list of all the sports available for betting.

A Quick Links section in the betting window has a list of live betting features. It has links to the homepage and different web-pages that provide betting tips. One of these links leads players to the alerts page, which gives them quick updates on big sporting events such as the NFL Super Bowl. All important upcoming ball games are listed at the center of the page. On this website, it is easy to switch from the American odds system to the fractional/decimal odds systems. A search toolbar on the live betting section is one minor function that does wonders by taking the user to hundreds of sports betting sites to compare the odds.

Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, the Bovada sportsbook services provide access to a wide range of options. Firstly, all major sports played in the US are covered in this section. They are divided into main sporting categories such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf, soccer, boxing, and UFC. These categories are updated with upcoming and active sporting events. A user gets excited to see how one site offers to bet on all of the favorite sports events. Niche sports such as table tennis, badminton, futsal, Aussie rules, and winter sports are also available for betting. European bettors can place their money on snooker, cricket, darts, and rugby leagues. All new formats of sports are added to this section. Bovada covers a lot of ground in pleasing the fans of top-grossing sports events such as the NFL and NBA. It holds a wealth of betting options, from game-play betting to per-minute betting. There are more than 100 different types of sports bets to be placed on this website. This section also allows the users to place their bets on games with competitive odds and high risks.

The betting spreads, the totals, and the wins are the three popular types of sports bets offered by Bovada. It provides its online gambling fans with a similar array of alternative spreads. There are numerous and exciting propositions for improving the bets. The company shares information on the betting data across several alternative points lines. It aims to draw in more bets on the spreads of each half or quarter of the game. These bets can be wagered on the teams, individual players, and on odd/even scores. Based on these points, users can wager their money to reach maximum profitability. The winning margin of these bets is significantly high. At Bovada, it is easy to find the best betting offer on a soccer game, a hockey game, a basketball match, a tennis play, or even a golf event. The site also holds a thriving section for politics betting and a distinct esports section, which allows the users to bet on CS: GO, DOTA2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and many more virtual sports.

Rewards & Bonuses

Besides the safety of these betting services, another major topic of interest for people is the type of bonuses and rewards offered by Bovada. The four main rewards include the welcome bonus, reload bonus, the free spin, and the free bet. These rewards are, in fact, the key reasons why millions of people sign up with Bovada. In the rewards section, Bovada covers special bonuses for its new and loyal users. Here’s an overview of the bonuses and rewards offered by Bovada.

  • $250 Sports Welcome Bonus: The website prioritizes the rewards for sports bettors. It starts by offering a bonus to the users who sign up with a new sports betting account. This bonus is a 50% deposit match bonus, rewarding the user with $250. This bonus also has a 5x rollover requirement of 5x on horse racing and sports. If this bonus is used in the Bovada casino, the rollover requirements change to 30x. It is important to note that this bonus is unavailable to be used on live dealer games or craps in the Bovada casino.
  • $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus: The largest bonus awarded to a player is the Bovada casino welcome bonus. In this bonus-type, there are three tiers of rewards that can be raked in. The first three deposits by a new user get rewarded with a 100% match bonus, which takes the bonus to $1,000 each. With the bonus code NEWWELCOME, a user can get $1,000 from the initial deposit. The second and third deposit bonuses can be procured by using the code BV2NDCWB. It is important to remember that these bonus funds have 25x wagering requirements.
  • 100% Bovada Poker Deposit Bonus: Most new users notice that the Bovada gambling site promotes its poker deposit bonus to the fullest. This bonus shapes up the website’s reputation as an all-in-one gambling destination. It is designed to lure in millions of gamblers. The poker welcome bonus offers a 100% match on the deposits, taking the rewards to $500. This bonus is distributed in $5 increments on every 150 Rewards Points accumulated by the user. It is activated with the bonus code PWB500, and the users have 30 days to claim it before expiration.

Apart from these main bonus types, Bovada also rewards its cryptocurrency users. The Bovada Bitcoin Bonuses are awarded to the users who make deposits in Bitcoin. In this Bovada review, it is discovered that Bovada is a pro-Bitcoin gambling site. Hence, it prefers rewarding the users who use Bitcoin to make the deposits or withdraw the winnings. There are three types of Bitcoin bonuses provided by Bovada.

  • BTC Sports Bonus – It is a standard bonus on sports betting but offers an additional 25% match on the deposit if the funds are added with Bitcoin and by using the code BTCSWB750.
  • BTC Casino Bonus – It is a standard welcome bonus on casinos that offers another $750. It can be redeemed only with all three poker welcome bonuses to get $3,750 as total bonus cash. It can be claimed by using BTCCWB1250 and BTC2NDCWB codes.
  • BTC Referral Bonus – When a referred user makes a deposit, the first user gets a 200% bonus on that deposit and an extra $25 worth of free chips.

To redeem these rewards, users need access to Bovada Bonus Codes, which are available on the website. These codes offer a variety of bonuses and promos. During this Bovada review, it is observed that the complete list of the latest bonus codes & promotional offers is updated by the company on the website.

When it comes to earning the reward points, Bovada has a Loyalty Club that welcomes each player to participate in the best deals on betting and gambling. By earning the loyalty points, one can make more money from Bovada. This rewarding system has several levels, which need to be crossed for better payouts. Based on the type of bets, the rewarding ratios differ. For video poker and table games, the wager is $1:1, while slot games offer rewards at a $1:5 ratio. For sports singles and sports parleys, the wagering ratio is $1:3 and $1:25, respectively.

Similarly, betting on Racebook straight wagers and racebook exotics offers rewards in the ratios of $1:40 and $1:60, respectively. The Bovada VIP Club is structured across multiple levels and different tiers of gambling. The four tiers of bettors include Starter, Rookie, All-Star, Legend, and Hall of Fame. Across these categories, there are three levels of redeeming reward points. The total reward points in the VIP Club range from 2,500 points to 1,000 points per dollar. This is perhaps the best part of Bovada’s loyalty program. It provides long-term rewarding loyalty to active players. It is also important to note that these loyalty points are available for playing on the Bovada live casino. All points earned on the sports bets are credited only after the settlement of the bets.


For depositing funds, the site review indicates that it accepts credit card deposits from VISA and MasterCard. The minimum deposit options on credit cards are $20. These deposits can exceed up to $1,500, and there is no transaction fee charged. One of the best features of this site is that it accepts deposits in US Dollars and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies (BTC). All major credit cards are accepted by the company, such as VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and UnionPay. Bovada also accepts deposits in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. These deposit options also include the use of Zelle or Voucher for making digital deposits at website.


After depositing the money, users get charged a 5.9% fee on credit card transactions deducted by the card companies. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash users make a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum deposit of $5,000 at a single time. The Voucher users can deposit $10 to $3,000. Bovada does not charge any fee on Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash transactions. It gives an incentive for using cryptocurrency instead of credit cards. At, a player can transfer funds ranging between $10 and $15,000 to other accounts.


There are very few restrictions made on the deposit and withdrawal of funds on Bovada. When it comes to requesting withdrawals, the Bovada cashier section runs an automatic funds transfer system. This system removes the requested money from the Bovada account and transfers it to the linked bank account. On average, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the Bovada support staff to review the withdrawal request. This time disadvantage is caused by the tons of withdrawal requests made by users on the website. To handle large volumes of withdrawal requests, the site takes its time in processing every order accurately. Bitcoin users are at an advantage in this situation. The company transfers the funds in Bitcoin wallets within 15 minutes from the request. These funds are duly approved and checked by the cashier. For getting payments in cheques, it can take approximately 10 to 15 business days, based on the time of approval for funds withdrawal and the postal service’s efficiency. Voucher users get a code on their email, which can be claimed to add the funds within 24 to 48 hours. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash users, the minimum withdrawal is $10. Until the user is fully paid out, there is no max payout limit on the withdrawals, but large requests are processed in the maximum increments of $9,500. The cryptocurrency limits vary for different Bovada accounts, so the crypto withdrawal options are a bit more complicated. The minimum withdrawals for cheques are $100, and the maximum payout is $3,000. For Voucher withdrawals, one can withdraw between $10 and $3,000. All these options do not pose any limit on the withdrawal request. However, Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash withdrawals can be conducted only once every three days. Similarly, cheque withdrawals are limited to one per week.

Odds and Wagers

Bovada is known to offer competitive odds on its betting boards. For events such as MLB and NHL, the site is one of the best sportsbooks to offer great odds and wagers for the bettors. It is marginally better than Bodog. It is also at the top of offering a lucrative moneyline for futures betting. It has reduced its wagers on some games; however, the wide range of alternative spreads compensate well. Bovada is an attractive platform for high rollers.

Minimum & Maximum Bets

The wagering limits at the Bovada sportsbook are variable. They depend on the type of sport and the type of bet being placed. In some instances, users can wager the lowest of just $0.50 on a game, which is great for recreational players. For pro bettors, the maximum bet is high on sports such as football, soccer, and basketball. The highest wagering limits at Bovada go up to $5,000 on these spreads. Up to $2,500 can be wagered on totals and moneyline bets. High rollers can request the Bovada he customer service and negotiate increasing their higher betting limits.

Wagering Options at Bovada Casino

On the Bovada homepage, there are five options for wagering – sports, live dealer, casino, poker, and horses. The online casino option is quite vibrant when it comes to wagering. It holds a wide variety of casino games, where the wagers on blackjack, poker, and other table games are quite attractive. Slots and specialty games are equally high on wagers. The casino section helps users gamble on featured games, including classic slots and popular table games. There are few more exciting new casino games added to the site recently. These include the new variants of roulette and blackjack.

Wagering Options at Bovada Casino

Online poker is the best casino game to bet high and earn higher. Bovada has its exclusive poker room to cater to these poker pros. In this poker room, one can play video poker or take part in a Jackpot Sit & Go tournament. In that section, there are more than seventeen different options to make money. From Deuces Wild and Joker Poker to the Double Double Bonus Poker, these options help users rake in money from a poker room in one way or another. The professional live dealers ensure new players are distributed at different tables to keep the online poker action alive thoroughly.

Bovada Customer Service

The customer service staff at Bovada addresses the concerns of its users. From changing the betting limits to claiming a poker bonus, these queries vary from user to user. The staff pays attention to every customer and supports them with instant resolutions. The customer support staff offers the best assistance to maintain the experience of world-class gambling. In this Bovada online casino review, it is observed that the customer support capabilities of this company are high in quality.

To get help from this gambling site, there are four ways of reaching out to the customer support teams:

  • Telephone – By calling +1-888-263-0000, users can have a telephonic session on this international number and speak directly with the operator on the phone. This number is toll-free for users in North America.
  • Email – By sending the query to through an email, one can get a documented reply on their issues and receive faster responses on important problems.
  • Live Chat – By using the live chat option, users can connect with the technical operators and get their help fixing issues in real-time around the clock.
  • FAQ – An in-depth FAQ section is available to provide answers to the common questions and technical queries. This section holds answers to some of the most complex topics for Bovada bettors.

The customer service team at Bovada works 24/7 every year. It allows users to experience best-in-class gambling and betting. The team also helps users make their first deposit on the online gambling site. It also connects them to sports betting and gambling forums for making informed decisions. It fields answers to the questions on the website’s legal status, its account types, the Bovada sportsbook rules, and other complaints. It assists them in protecting their personal and financial data with high-end SSL encryption software. Bovada has also maintained a long history of excellent customer service for its sportsbook bettors and US players.

Bovada Mobile Betting Review

The mobile betting experience on the Bovada platform is streamlined with the features that allow users to place bets on the go. The rapid transfer of funds and instant betting features are designed to help the bettors with their mobility. There is no specific Bovada mobile app, but the platform is available as a web app on the standard mobile web browser applications. This web app acts as a sports betting app or a mobile casino app for Bovada users. It is superbly optimized for the mobile and works well on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Bovada’s mobile experience offers the same betting options as provided in its desktop version. It is easy to find sports events and casino games in the mobile version of the website. The UI of the mobile website is designed sleekly and intelligently. It is not a downloadable mobile app but can be accessed by logging into on mobile web browsers. The mobile web app places bets without any instances of misplacements. With just a few taps on the touchscreen of smartphones, users can navigate and work their way across the website. The Bovada mobile sportsbook is highly professional and attractive for high rollers. It is user-friendly and smooth for new bettors and also performs better than most casino apps. It also offers all the customer service features that help users with ease of access and agility. The Bovada poker section on this mobile web app leads the users to the Zone Poker section, a unique and effortless experience of playing this card game.

Bovada Review - FAQs

Here are the answers to the top three questions asked about Bovada:

1. Can you make money on Bovada?

The gambling site offers competitive betting spreads at affordable rates. It is one of the best platforms to earn consistently from sports betting. Bovada offers several options for making money every day.

2. How long does it take to get your money from Bovada?

The time taken to process the withdrawals depends on the withdrawal amount and the withdrawal method. For Bitcoin withdrawals, it takes a rapid transfer of 15 minutes to send the money into a Bitcoin wallet. For cash withdrawals, the Bovada team takes 24 to 48 hours to review and approve the withdrawal request. For Voucher withdrawals, the site sends a code to the user email within 24 to 48 hours, claiming the withdrawn money. The cheque method takes 10 -15 business days for the courier to reach the customer.

3. Can you win real money on Bovada?

Yes, the gambling site deals with real money earnings. It accepts money in the form of fiat currencies such as US Dollars from credit card deposits. The earnings made from the site are transferred to the linked bank accounts of the users, which get translated into real money.

Overall Review on Bovada - It is Reliable

In this Bovada review, it is observed that opening a sports betting account or an online casino account on this website is safe and profitable. Bovada is a firmly-established player in the popular online sportsbook betting industry. It is not a US gambling site but is legal for people in the US. It is an offshore betting service that delivers an all-round experience in casino and sports betting. It has an easy-to-use website interface and is completely compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Bovada is an advanced web app and software that has several attractive design elements. It covers several major sports events across multiple categories. It is also enriched with diverse betting options and wagering ratios. The poker bonus on the website is great. Users can easily deposit or withdraw money into the Bovada account using a credit card or an e-wallet. The company has a stellar reputation in catering to US players and running exceptional customer service for all its users.

Few people know that Bovada is a brand that stemmed from Bodog, a rival online betting site. The Bovada brand has been curated by its founder Calvin Ayre since 2000. It is popular for engaging US sports bettors during NFL, MLB, and NBA seasons. It is known to offer rewards to its users in points, gift cards, and bonuses. With its A+ rating at SBR, Bovada has been a leader in the online sports betting and poker industry since August 2017. Bovada has strong liquidity and can cover the winnings of all its users. Due to these reasons, Bovada remains a highly recommended gambling site in the online community of sports bettors today.

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